《春雷》发刊词(Introducing Spring Thunder)

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To domestic and foreign comrades and readers:

We are the ‘Lal Salaam translation group’ that was composed by some of Chinese Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in early 2023. Here is the journal of our translation group. The phrase “Spring Thunder” was from a well-known People’s Daily article during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to compliment the Great Naxalbari Armed Peasant Struggle.

We decided to produce a journal that specialized in the International Communist Movement in the form of Chinese and another language, for references of domestic and foreign readers who are concerned to ICM situation.

We will maintain our style of translation as before - make a big number of notes in the texts, to eliminate the barriers caused by living condition, region and language as much as possible, and to serve to enhance understanding and popularize knowledge. Therefore, we will reserve a large section for notes of the journal.

We hope that more and more Chinese proletarians and working masses could learn through this journal that there are still lakhs of revolutionaries around the world who continue to march under the revolutionary banner of comrade Mao, and that we are not alone. As comrade Mao taught us, “The world is progressing, the future is bright and no one can change this general trend of history. We should carry on constant propaganda among the people on the facts of world progress and the bright future ahead so that they will build their confidence in victory.” In this sense, we also want to thank to the MLM communist parties who are fighting in India, Philippine and Turkey-Kurdistan-Rojava, and to the communists who are doing arduous work of reorganization in Nepal and Peru, whether they win or lose, make the revolution “work in progress” rather than just a few words in history books.

We hope to do our part in bringing back the spirit of proletarian internationalism to this once revolutionary land by politically exposing the fascist comprador states and their lackeys in India, the Philippines, Turkey, Peru, Nepal, and other countries.

We hope that more and more Chinese masses will be able to wake up and recognize the real character of revisionist China (a latecomer second-rate imperialist country and one of the weak links in global capitalist-imperialist system): Why the “spring thunder over India” has become “Naxalite anti-govnment armed force” 50 years later? Which country provided military aid to King Gyanendra who is like a street rat in Nepal? Who replaced the export of revolution with the export of “unpaid culture” and joined imperialist powers in plundering Asian, African and Latin American countries in the name of “development”?

We hope that to establish communications between domestic and foreign Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, and to eliminate misunderstandings, prejudices, slanders and rumors: there are even many persons among the Chinese leftists who believe complete misunderstandings such as “India has a capitalist society” and “CPI(Marxist) is a leftist party”; there is a small group with extreme sectarian tendencies among Chinese “MLMpM” that viciously attacked CPP as a right-opportunist party; there are some of the revisionists which support CPC (we call them “pink”) even concocted “the highest leader of the CPI(Maoist) Hidma died”, “CPC provides weapons to CPI(Maoist) and CPP” and other extremely absurd rumors.

We hope that foreign readers can also benefit from this journal, especially the theoretical articles written by “Chi Mei”, “Zhang Jiao” and other comrades. Starting with the “Five Basic Judgements”, we will try to do some Chinese to English translation.

Welcome to contact us and contribute or provide literatures or news in Chinese, English, Hindi, Nepali and other languages.

The charge on May 16th 1966 played the prelude to the spring thunder in Naxalbari, which leads us to nowadays. Nowadays we have to follow the footsteps of our predecessors to retrace uphill path, and the spring thunder rumbles all the path to the top of Chingkang Mountain, to resound across the world.

Revolutionary Greetings!

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